About Us

Menard Systems is a full service plumbing and energy company providing goods and services based on economically sound and environmentally sustainable practices and technologies. We provide information and technologies which lower our clients’ energy costs through adoption of financially viable investments in efficiency and emerging alternatives such as solar hot water, photovoltaics, and hydronic heating. Our business model is based on thoughtful product selection, full economic and environmental life-cycle analysis, open standards and protocols, open-source software, transparency, and integrity.

Menard Systems’ logo is derived from a symbol (is in equilibrium with), used to denote a chemical system in equilibrium. Equilibrium is a natural state, where competing elements and forces are balanced, producing steady conditions. Mankind has pushed nature into various states of disequilibria, fundamentally altering natural conditions on a global scale. Take, for example, the global carbon cycle. Carbon is exchanged between the atmosphere, land, and oceans through well-understood biological and geological processes. Combustion of fossil fuels since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution has transferred buried carbon into the atmosphere at a much faster rate than natural processes have acted to have it returned. This condition of disequilibrium has significantly impacted global climate and dramatically increased the acidity of the oceans. As the owner of Menard Systems, I strongly believe that our technologies should be congruent with nature, so as to restore equilibrium in our environment.

–Mark M. Menard, March 3, 2015

Click the following link to download a PDF copy of Mark M. Menard’s master’s thesis: Flow Modeling in a Matrix of Spheres


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